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Hey! I'm Jamie

I am the mom behind Homegrown Play & Learning. I want to officially welcome you and let you know that I am glad that you are here!!


A little about me. I am the mother to 4 pretty amazing kiddos (I'm totally biased, but who cares!). I absolutely love to read, dance, drink coffee, and make memories with my family. I am also a life long learner and supporting my children's education has been a really important part of my journey. I may not always do everything right... but I do my best and at the end of the day, my best is all my family asks for. 

My Homegrown Play & Learning journey first started shortly after my second child was born. My oldest was two and I was starting to think about pre-school. I knew I wanted to help my children learn but I was also pretty sure homeschooling wasn't for me. Fast forward several years, add two more kiddos to the mix, and insert a pandemic lockdown.

YIKES!!! (And yep homeschooling is not my thing! But I applaud those who do it!!)


Anyway, learning through play saved my rear-end during the lockdown. Without the help of high quality educational toys layered with learning and the fact that play is the natural work of a child, I am pretty sure my son would not have learned to recognize his alphabet let alone be the awesome reader he is today. Being drawn to the concept of learning through play is what started my partnership with Discovery Toys, but seeing the payout in my own son is what convicts me to help other mothers do the same for their children here with Homegrown Play & Learning.   

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